Youth Media Protection

Youth media protection not only plays an important role in the handling of films or computer games – the Internet is also more and more often used as a platform for the dissemination of criminal, illegal and youth-endangering content. 

For the Internet in Germany, the Interstate Treaty on the protection of minors (JMStV), which came into effect in April 2003, regulates the assessment and combatting of developmentally damaging media content for the protection of children and youth. 


The legal basis of the work is explained on the website of the consortium of state media authorities in the Federal Republic of Germany (ALM) ( and on the website of FSM ( and  

In principle, the following groups of risks can be differentiated: 

Here, children and young people are confronted with content which can affect or even endanger their development at the respective age. They can also come across absolutely impermissible content, which can, for example, result in criminal prosecution. As protection against risks of confrontation, the installation of a parental control program is advised. Further information can be found here: