How to submit your complaint

Please find below illustrations on important web services about which you may file complaints.

What happens to my complaint?

When you submit a complaint to the „“, it is judicially examined at first. If the reported content violates relevant Youth Protection or Criminal law, the operators of "" can initiate further steps to remove the content:

Content providers are directly contacted and requested to adjust the reported content. Alternatively, the hosting provider can be asked to remove the subject matter. In serious cases, the complaint can be anonymized and forwarded to the appropriate public agency.

Complaints about illegal online content that is not located in Germany are transferred to the responsible INHOPE hotline by eco and FSM.

In principal, "" processes complaints according to the following delegation of tasks and responsibilities:



Internet services

The World Wide Web is the most famous internet service. You have access to about 4 billion individual web sites via the www. These sites can be accessed through their addresses (URL=uniform resource locator).
File a complaint about WWW